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Air Force Association
1501 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22209
AFA is a 501c(3) nonprofit educational association.


Dear Base Education Officer,

The Air Force Association (AFA) is pleased to announce scholarship and grant programs for 2010. Each year AFA reviews its programs, a review that can result in changes. Here are the new versions of the programs.

Pitsenbarger Awards

Changes for 2010

Visit our website at for the new application form.

When you are ready to begin your Pitsenbarger processing, send Lynette Cross an e-mail with your contact information and the number of students graduating ( to learn how many awards your office will have.

Each recipient will receive a check in the amount of $400 and a certificate.

If you are in possession of an allocation table for this program, please discard it. AFA reserves the right to change the table based on internal factors. The table has changed for 2010.

Pitsenbarger Awards provide a one-time award of $400 to selected top USAF enlisted personnel graduating from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) who plan to pursue a baccalaureate degree. The awards coincide with the CCAF graduation ceremonies held each Spring and Fall.

The number of awards is allocated according to the size of the graduating class. The larger the graduating class, the more awards your office can expect to receive. AFA Pitsenbarger awards are based on number of students, not the number of degrees.

If you intend to participate in this award program, please send your contact information (name, duty title, office designation, address, e-mail address and phone number) and the number of students in your graduating class. You will receive information as to how many awards will be allocated. Keep in mind that funding is limited. Applications will be declined when funding has been expended.

Please visit our website at to see a description of the process and the application form. Students are to submit an application package to your office. Your office is to designate a committee to review applications and select recipients. We strongly urge you to involve your local Air Force Association Chapter in this process. If you do not presently know your local Chapter, please visit our website at to find the nearest Chapter.

ESO’s selected recipient applications must be submitted to Lynette Cross as soon as possible before the class graduates (just the one page application for each recipient). See address information at the bottom of this publication. It takes AFA two weeks to process a check.

Lt Col Romeo and Josephine Bass Ferretti Scholarship

Please visit our website at for more information and for an application. This scholarship is made possible by a bequest from the estate of Lt Col Romeo and Josephine Bass Ferretti and was established for minor dependents of Air Force active duty, reserve or Air National Guard enlisted airmen pursuing an undergraduate degree in the area of science, technology, engineering or math.

Spouse Scholarships

Please view our website at for more information and for an application. The Air Force Spouse Scholarship program is designed to encourage Air Force Spouses worldwide to pursue an associate/bachelor or graduate/postgraduate degree.

Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship

Please view our website at for more information and for an application. The Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance and recognition to an active duty Air Force, full time Guard or Reserve person who is pursuing a Master’s degree in a non-technical field.

Grantham University Scholarship

Please view our website at for more information and for an application. The AFA/Grantham University Online Degree Scholarship is designed to encourage active duty dependents to continue their education.

Air Force Excellence Scholarship

Please visit our website at for more information and for an application. This scholarship program was created by the Air Force Association in partnership with the First Command Educational Foundation to provide five scholarships in the amount of $3,000 each to students who have achieved academic excellence and contributed to their community in a significant way.

George W. Bush Awards for ANG Members & Employers

The Air Force Association continues to recognize outstanding civilian employers of traditional Air National Guard members by awarding the George W. Bush Awards. Twelve award recipients each receive a $500 award, made possible through the contribution of AFA director emeritus, William W. Spruance. The award criteria include the Guard members’ contribution to the total force mission deployed and at home station, plus leadership qualities. The civilian employer’s role in facilitating and supporting the member’s level of volunteerism for overall military participation is also evaluated. The awards are presented to one officer, and one enlisted member and their qualified employers ($500 to each) for presentation at each of the following three events:

The National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) Air Separate Session, held in September (4 recipients)

AFA Air & Space Conference held in September, Washington, D.C. (4 recipients)

Air National Guard (ANG) Senior Leadership Conference held in December (4 recipients)

Using an AF Form 1206, each state/territory may nominate one officer and one enlisted member for each event category and their respective employer. Air National Guard units should send nomination packages to the ANG/DPFOC, Attention: MSgt Mitias, 1411 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202-3231 to arrive not later than June 1, 2007. To be eligible, the employer must be non-governmental (Federal, state, county or city) and either a small business employer (any level or a medium to large business. If you

have questions on this award program, please send email

The Air Force Association is proud to provide support to the men and women of the United States Air Force.


Lynette Cross
Manager, National Aerospace Awards

Air Force Association
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