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The program is open to young men and women ages 14 - 21. You must possess good grades and be of good moral character. One must also have a strong interest in:  Military or Civilian Aviation, Special Tactics, Intelligence Fields, desire to enter one of the Military Academies, or College ROTC Programs, and/or a goal of attaining a Private Pilot's License. The typical age/grade level starting point is the High School Freshman or Sophomore.

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BACKGROUND: AFA’s CyberPatriot is the nation’s premier national high school cyber defense competition. It is entering its fourth year of competition, and is open to any high school in the nation, as well as any JROTC unit or Civil Air Patrol composite or cadet squadron.

• Our nation critically dependent on cyber systems
    o Banking, commerce, manufacturing, defense all critically rely on computers and networks—cyber systems
    o If our cyber systems are disrupted, grave implications
• Individuals also at risk if they aren’t "cyber aware"
    o ID theft: 27.3 million cases in five-year period
    o Malicious logic (viruses, worms, etc.) can harm home computers
    o Predators can exploit young people on the Internet if good security practices aren’t followed
• Technology is important, but biggest challenge in keeping America strong in cyber: Creating a well-qualified cyber workforce
    o Need bright young minds pursuing STEM disciplines in school (science, technology, engineering, math)
    o Can’t wait until students are in college—too late if they haven’t already begun STEM preparation in high school
    o CyberPatriot draws students to STEM by engaging them in exciting, motivating, educational competition
    o CyberPatriot Goal: Excite students to pursue STEM studies, carry interest forward to college, pursue cyber careers

Cyber Patriot Partners

Wisconsin Teams for 2013-2014

Civil Air Patrol - 153rd Madison Composite Squadron, Waterloo, WI
Civil Air Patrol - Eagle River Composite Squadron, Rhinelander, WI
Civil Air Patrol - Fox Cities Composite Squadron GLR-WI-055, Appleton, WI
Public High School - James Madison High School, Madison, WI
Private/Parochial School - Marquette University High School, Milwaukee, WI
Civil Air Patrol - Timmerman Composite Squadron, Pewaukee, WI
Public High School - Waukesha County Technical College, Pewaukee, WI
Public High School - Waukesha County Technical College, Pewaukee, WI
Public High School - Waukesha South High School, Waukesha, WI

• More information:

• Contact: HQ AFA’s CyberPatriot staff: telephone 800-727-3337, ext. 5806 (or 703-247-5806) or